Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hope This Helps

I sent this to a friend recently that was inconsolable.  

Even though we are co-workers with a developing, and likely lasting friendship, and that we frequently enjoy laughs together, I failed in person to cheer up, or to help the person vent. 

I am reproducing this with details removed for privacy reasons.

"It is a trite saying but this will pass.

You are a genuinely good person.  You do not deserve this lack of support.  I can’t say anything to cheer you up, but I am stopping in Church to pray for you again tonight, because God can strengthen you and give you peace.

When I am inadequate to help someone I care about, all I can do is pray for you, and then I hope these verses touch you and give you strength to endure this.

Philippians 4:
[5] Let all men know your forbearance. The Lord is at hand.
[6] Have no anxiety about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.
[7] And the peace of God, which passes all understanding, will keep your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.
[13] I can do all things in him who strengthens me."

Hope this helps you too.  I am writing for just that reason.

Why do I think this is helpful verse for all of us, every believer, or prospective believer in Christ?

My belief is whether we are in middle of suffering, sickness, grief, or joy, health, prosperity, it is better with God.  

Not just God as Creator, and distant reality, but God as tender, loving Father, Father of Compassion and Mercy.
If you are sad, angry, suffering, or just feel there is something lacking in your relationship with God, my hope and prayer is that you will find someone, or some word somewhere, maybe here, that draws you to the Father through his Son, Jesus Christ.

I know you will find strength and healing through the Way, the Truth, and the Life in the person of Jesus Christ.

In this post I am not going to document questions that come to mind as to why suffering and sadness and emotional roller coasters, with very steep dips, impact good, loving, kind people.  Possibly in future post I will, as well as summarize some of the explanations that others--wiser, more experienced, and more eloquent than me have offered to help with those questions.

We can do all things and endure all things because of Christ, when we dwell in him, and when we deliberately direct our consciousness to the reality of the Holy Trinity dwelling within us.

We can do all things in Christ who strengthens us.

If you don't understand how the Holy Trinity comes to dwell in us, that is the part of Christ's teaching that the Kingdom of Heaven is not solely a future, after death reality.

The Kingdom of Heaven is also within, in the midst of us.  Maybe that will be subject of my next post?

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