Saturday, June 25, 2011

Seek His Face

Of you my heart has said, 'Seek his face!'
Your face, Yahweh, I seek; 
do not turn away from me.  
Do not thrust aside your servant in anger,
without you I am helpless.
Never leave me, never forsake me, God, my Savior.
Yahweh, teach me your way,
lead me on the path of integrity. ~ Psalm 27:8-9, 11a

From The Practice of the Presence of God by Brother Lawrence
"All we must do is recognize God's intimate presence within us and speak to Him at every moment, asking Him for His help.  In this way we will know His will in doubtful things and we will do well those things that He is clearly asking of us, offering them to Him before doing them and giving Him, thanks for having done them, once we have finished."

I noticed that when I don't start the day concentrating on this reality there is some weight, some difficulty in my spirit that I can't just start speaking lovingly to God.  I think this is the enemy.  Today I am starting realizing I am not helpless.  My God is here as He is with you.  He is real, and he wants to be with us and for us to be with Him all day.


  1. Thanks Colleen. Saturdays are work days for me and they are usually difficult- so I needed to be reminded of this today.
    God bless!

  2. I know what you mean about starting the day like this. For some reason morning prayer and meditating on God's presence is crucial for me.

    Some day when we die we are going to be shocked at our blindness concerning God's presence in and around us. We will laugh and think, "Why did I ever worry about anything." Lol!

    Great post!