Saturday, October 22, 2011

Bringing It

The time has come for me to enter the fray.

I have hard time expressing my opinion strongly without crossing the line to self-righteousness, but I am going to give it a shot anyway.

Obama and his administration, particularly the State Department policies and the Health Department policies make it possible and probable that more women will choose to end the lives of their babies in this country and in others around the world.

I am not condemning the women who choose to do this.

During his first campaign I would hear a speech or two and think, "Yeah, he (Obama) is pretty sharp.  Maybe he is a decent guy.  Maybe he will be an Abraham Lincoln."  Plus, he was a really good dancer on Ellen, and he does have a good jump shot.

But then I was fortunate to see his speech on YouTube to Planned Parenthood.  I was listening on my headphones, in a cubicle, while working on a data model on the PC, and I heard him saying how he was going to ensure FOCA was pushed through, to the cheers of the Planned Parenthooders.  FOCA is the act that would do away with all restrictions on abortion that have been put in place by any laws or regulations previously passed at the federal and state levels.  There at work, with my headphones on, I spoke quite audibly, "I hate him."

I don't actually hate him.  I should pray for him more.  I wrote him when we had that red envelope campaign.  I used the logic of Lincoln because it was identical with the slavery issue.

Slavery is truly evil and completely wrong, so don't allow it in our nation.  NO ONE has the right to own another person, and treat them as less than a human being.  A nation that legislates that a human being imported from Africa, against his or her will, is only 3/5ths of a person is legislating and condoning evil.

Abortion is evil, one of the worst evils of our time, and has killed more people than Hitler and Stalin put together, but maybe not more than Mao because his totals would include all the aborted or female babies killed after birth along with the millions that starved in the years following is rise to power.

A nation that treats an unborn child as 0/5ths of a person, and permits and funds that this 0/5ths of a person may be killed inside or shortly after being pulled from the womb, against his or her will, is legislating and condoning evil.  NO ONE has a right regardless of the circumstances of the conception or the financial or health status of the woman to kill a child in the womb or after pulling the child from the womb.

This is simple, straightforward, and logical.

The horrible irony that Obama's own mother chose life, and that he shares the race of the majority of aborted babies in the U.S. since the Roe v. Wade decision seems to be lost on this Harvard educated and IQ lauded black man.

It is getting harder for me to be silent when some sing the praises of Planned Parenthood.  "Oh, they gave me birth control when I really needed it.  When I was young and in school."  That's really not that great, now is it?

I also found out Obama's IQ is actually 3 points lower than mine, if he actually took the Internet IQ test like they advertised, so "POP", he really isn't that sharp, and his moral IQ and logic are extremely suspect.

Please do not vote for anyone, at any level of representative government, no matter how well they give a speech, or dress, or dance, or shoot a basketball, or how smart George Clooney claims he is, if that individual:  man or woman fully supports policies that increase the killing of children within the womb.  There are alternatives.

Yeah, not all the alternatives are good dancers, or speech givers, or as "cool", but if they will stop funding abortion around the world and in this country, then they are better.  If they have the courage of their convictions to do even more to restrict or bring about the illegality of abortion, then they are MUCH better!

The other thing that nags me, besides good, decent people thinking Obama is OK, is people using the name of God in vain.  That really makes me angry, and sad at the same time.  If it is a habit, please stop it!  It is terribly wrong.  It is a terrible habit.  Blasphemy is still a sin.  The second commandment (third if you aren't Catholic) is "Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain."

There are alternatives to that too.


  1. Very well said Colleen! God bless

  2. I agree that women have a right to choose, just as I agree that all people have freedom. What I don't agree is that women or any person has a right to choose ANYTHING or the freedom to do ANYTHING. The freedom which God gave us was a freedom to willingly choose Him, or not.

    I'm happy God gave me that freedom. I hope our country will continue to allow me that freedom, although, as a cardinal spoke recently, I fear that based on trends in our country our future generations may no longer have that right.

    We see more martyrs around the world in this last century than in any other. It hasn't come to that in our country --- yet.

  3. Thank you, Daily Grace. God Bless You Too!

    Tom, you are right, and thanks for the distinction. Part of the whole mystery of why suffering and evil are present in the world has to do with us all having the right by God to choose. Language, meaning, unintended consequences of seemingly logical premises. I am not smart enough! Even though we all have free will, we do as a society prosecute those who commit theft, murder. Problem is one side, my side, says destroying the baby growing in the womb is murder, and another side says while it is always a difficult decision, there are times when it must be available, safe, and subsidized. Those who subscribe to that viewpoint, think they have a logical argument too. I just want to get out that I think the second argument is flawed because it strips rights away from a person. The baby in the womb is a person. We can argue without certainty but only deference to church teaching as to when that occurs--that the embryo is a baby is a person. There is no denying, though, is there, that the second we say the mother and her doctor have the right to end the baby's, person's life that they are treating the baby with no rights equivalent to a 0/5ths of a person if it were actually written into the constitution, and not buried in the majority Supreme Court opinion on Roe v. Wade, without any representatives or state legislatures ratifying the decision? Yet tax dollars are used to fund abortion in other countries, and every indication is there that the recently passed Health Act will provide tax funds for abortion. A back door has been used--judicial legislation, and non-elected cabinet leaders pushing an agenda that offends the conscience of growing majority of citizens in this country. I don't see the validity, and only see the logical contradictions of an argument that would say society should intervene in cases of infanticide, child abuse, or neglect, but see it as a moral good that those that want to have an abortion for whatever reason have the immunity, access, and funding necessary to do so. I heard Francis Cardinal George speak on your last point recently too. Not sure if it was him or a different cardinal that you heard. He also referred to the high number of martyrs in this past century, and the facts that religious freedoms are being infringed on in this country, as shown in the cases of the Health Department threatening action on Catholic Hospitals that have policy in keeping with Catholic teaching to not perform abortion procedures or supply the morning after pill; and in the case of the State of Illinois penalizing Catholic Charities for not assisting gay couples with adoption,so they would not be operating in contradiction to church teaching, even though those couples have other agencies available to them, and Catholic Charities even provided these couples with contact information for other agencies that could help them.

  4. Thanks for "bringing it," Colleen!