Monday, January 2, 2012

My Son's Essay for Grammar Class

My son just finished this.  At first he wanted me to help him print it without reading it, but that was fairly impossible, as I had to do the double-spacing, add the header and before I knew it, noticed quite a few grammar problems that needed to be fixed, since it was for his Grammar class.  This is beautiful.  I want to share it because that is what blogs are for, right?

My son has ADHD symptoms, he's not on medication, and we actually argue quite a bit while attempting to get his homework done over days, or hours--lots of hours, and he tends to mess and horseplay with the younger kids, in which case one of them tends to get hurt.

That and the fact that this past two weeks my husband and I have been having more than our usual amount of tenseness in the marriage, meant that this essay was a sight for sore eyes.  A little divinely orchestrated pick-me-up so I don't go to bed this night without realizing my blessings, and how loved I am by my son, and by my God.

Mother Essay

I am so blessed to have a mother that loves me as much as my mother loves me.  Mothers are supposed to help us with guidance through our struggles and the hard times, which we are going through in our lives.  My mom cared for me since I was a baby, and she watched me grow up to a seventh grader.  She’ll continue to watch me grow with love and compassion until I move out of the house.  
She does so many more things that a normal mom would not even think of doing for me!  She is an all-around mom.  She does so many things for me and my family.  Last summer she took care of me and my brother and sister through the whole summer, every single minute of every single day.  She had to take work off that whole summer, because she loved us.  My mom could have just done the easy way out of it, which is sending us to day camp, but we hated that, so instead of working, she had a fantastic summer with us instead.
I love my mom so much, that the words in this essay cannot not even come close to expressing the love and respect I have for her!  She comes to as many of my sports games as she can possibly come to.  She is always there for me when I am having the worst day of my life, to the best day of my life.  When I am feeling sad or disappointed in a friendship, or any other thing, I can always come to her and talk about it, and in the end I don’t even feel sad about it because she fills me with joy and laughter.  When I’m in a bad mood, she’ll just talk to me about the stuff that I have recently been doing that is fun in my life.  That will always cheer me up.  When I am feeling lonely, or bored, she will talk to me, whether it is a short talk or a long one.  She makes me and my whole family happy when she is around.  She never gets tired of me even when I am crabby for two days.  She will always be there for listening and caring about what I have to say.
She makes me lunches on Tuesdays and Thursdays too, and they are delicious!  She does all of my laundry, and it is not that easy when you do it twice a week.  My mom and I are slowly becoming closer, and we fight less and less, day by day.
My mom is always taking me and my family to fun things!  She takes us to the movies, restaurants, sports games, and many other fun things!  If I had to choose any mom in the whole world, I would choose my mom!  The English dictionary does not have enough words to describe how much I care and love my mom!  She helps me in everything I do.  You name it, and she helps me through it!  Without her it would be very, very, very hard to go through my life!
I thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything that you did, doing, and going to do for me!  Mom, I love you so much!  I would put a million exclamation points if I could, but this is Grammar class!


  1. This must have really touched your heart, Colleen - I loved reading it. Stuff like this makes us forget all the negative stuff :) Thanks for posting it.

  2. Colleen,what a wonderful son you have! And what an amazing mom you must be to evoke such sincere and loving praise. Yay! God is so good, and He really does send us a "pick-me-up" just when we truly need one. This is certainly a keeper for you!

    My son had ADHD too, and I know how stressful it can be, but there is also something very special about these children. My son has amazing musical ability, and was a super math whiz. He also has a heart of gold...which sounds like your son does too.

    So happy for you,and so glad you shared this. It brought a smile to my face, and my heart.

    God loves you, Colleen!!!

    Love and hugs,

  3. Mary, Thank you! It did touch my heart, and it has helped me to be more patient and loving to him. To be honest, I don't think I deserved this kind of glowing essay when I read it, but now I have something to live up to, the image of a loving and compassionate and caring mom that my son wrote about in this essay.

  4. Patricia, thank you so much for stopping by. When I saw your comment pop up on my phone I thought, "There you are!" You got it so right, my son does have a heart of gold and that is what I need to keep in mind. He has a harder time every day at school and at home doing homework than I ever had. I need to keep that in mind and be more patient and loving to him, and less expressing of my own frustration. That doesn't help. I am so glad your son has gifts of musical ability and math. I think my son's gifts are in athletics, and his sense of humor. Problem with his athletics is listening long enough to the coach to make the adjustments you need. I think that will come with time though. He also has a great heart for God. I am very thankful for this!

  5. Colleen, I know you have a lot on your plate right now, but I just wanted to tell you that I chose you as one of my five selections to receive a Liebster Award...intended to bring recognition to up and coming deserving blogs which currently have fewer than 200 followers.

    Winners then choose five of their favorite qualifying blogs to pass the award onto...if you wish, of course.

    Juet wanted you to know that I think your blog is pretty you : )

    Love and prayers,