Thursday, May 31, 2012


The house bill to ban gender selection abortions was not passed today as it needed a two-thirds majority to pass, and the vote was 246-168. 

Jake Tapper reported that while initially Jay Carney, the Press Secretary didn't know the President's position, he got back to him later to let him know
Obama opposes the bill.

I've been overdosing on learning about how to advocate for the unborn including attending Sidewalk Counseling training this past Saturday.  

What put me over the edge was watching the first of the two sting videos that clearly showed that gender selective abortion, if determined from ultrasound, would need to occur in the 2nd Trimester when the painful D&E procedure is commonly used.  On top of that, I received a pack of DVDs from a pro-life activist during my last trip to the PP in Aurora.  I was watching the sorrowful testimonies of women on-and-off during the past two days.  

I found out via the Crescat and ABC News that there are many countries that do have laws banning sex-selection abortions including Canada, the U.K., France, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, India, Vietnam.  Even China has "officially" outlawed it.

But not the U.S.A.  I can't even spell out our full name for shame . . . well I could, but I'm trying to make a point!  Here we have a President (yes, not proud of him or his accomplishments at all), and 168 representatives in the U.S. House of Representatives that stood up to be counted and voted in favor of protecting the legality of a mother's choosing to have the child within her killed if she would prefer one of the other gender.

I've prayed regularly that through the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus there would be a changing of hearts and minds in this country, similar to what occurred with slavery, as to the evil of killing the pre-born child in the womb.  Do you pray for this intention regularly too?

Maybe, and please join me in this hope and prayer, this will be the galvanization needed to make the choice not capitalism vs. socialism or conservatism vs. liberalism but truly moral vs. immoral.  Let's be a society that defends the innocent against extreme acts of violence.

My hope is that somehow this again strengthens all of us whether single, married, religious, priests, bishops, Pope to speak out against this evil.

The devil is going to have to employ all the stops to ensure the moral confusion and brain fog necessary for the U.S. electorate to keep B.H.O. in the oval office.

What evil?  It is clear if you listen to this testimony.  It won't haunt you like watching one of the youtube videos showing "real-time ultrasounds" of the "silent scream" when a baby is being killed in the womb or the bloody pictures that some say are necessary to show so that the horrific truth is known.  When you combine it with the non-chalance and commitment by PP to perform an abortion at a woman's request for any reason without any judgment of her reasons, how do you end up with any conclusion other than evil?  I guess you can call it reproductive health or privacy rights or something that sounds positive, you know spin it to appeal to our American value of freedom, but it remains evil.

The O'Reilly Factor featured this in the Talking Points Memo and in a segment last night.  He didn't seem as prepared as he should have been to discuss it . . . not as bad as Obama's "Polish Deathcamps".  Today there have been lots of commercials and it is going to be his main topic of coverage tonight.  Here are the two "sting" videos in full.  The transcript on the right is really helpful.

If you can stand anymore, here is another video I watched last week that again, opens your eyes to the horrors, and how it is the money and not the care of women and helping them to plan their families that is behind the fierce tactics of Planned Parenthood and other Abortion Providers.


  1. Well said, Colleen. I sometimes think about changing the purpose of my nightly rosary, but then I hear something like this. We seem so lost, and certainly it seems we cannot find out way out of this mess.

    We can only be found. I pray.

  2. You know I will join you in prayer Colleen, for being a culture against extreme acts of violence. Oh these poor innocent lives...
    Like you leaves me speechless.
    Blessings +

  3. Colleen, thank you for packing so much into your post. I've been following this story too, and I am simply shocked. I had no clue that our country would permit sex-selection abortion. Our Congress! (the president doesn't surprise me.) This is outrageous! We have got to vote these people out of here.

    I am so sad...always so sad over abortion. When Roe was first made law, I was sure it would be overturned in a few years. It was so ghastly. But here we are almost 40 years later.

    I heard the other day that some people..especially young pro-life Catholics are offering up sacrifices like no coffee, or chocolate or computer games or whatever it is you really like, UNTIL Roe is overturned...

    At first, it doesn't sound like much, but it's more than I'm doing, and sadly, the way things are going, it may be for the rest of the lives of many of us. So, I am praying about making at least a decent extended sacrifice. I have to check, but think this came from Lifesight news.

    Colleen, I love your fervor and passion for saving the babies. It's contagious. Please keep it up. God help us!

    Love and prayers,