Friday, July 1, 2011

Day of Lenten Devotion in Mid-Summer

Two Great Solemnities today, both which compel us to not let this day pass without some time meditating and thanking our Dear Lord for his unfathomable love for us.
Sr. Lucia's Vision
June, the traditional month of devotion to the Sacred Heart, and July, the traditional month of devotion to the Precious Blood meet today on Friday, July 1, 2011 with the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart and the Solemnity of the Precious Blood.

Today is great day to assist at Holy Mass or Divine Liturgy, and if that doesn't happen, to find a way to spend an hour in Adoration either before Our Lord's Real Presence in the Monstrance, or in the Tabernacle.

Devotion to Jesus's Sacred Heart and His Precious Blood is way of reminding us to be grateful for all the aspects of Christ's love for us and for mankind that he gave up heavenly glory for 33.5 years to be God with us, that he suffered unimaginable humiliations and cruelty as Redeemer, that he laid down his life for us his friends, that his pierced heart gushed forth every drop of blood and water so that Divine Mercy would be available to us who believe and love him rather than Divine Justice.

When I picked the blog name Inadequate Disciple it was because I feel so inadequate in reaching out to others for Christ.  That I've been blessed with gift of faith and seemingly so little ability to reach others.

Today is a day when the inadequacy realization has to do with how inadequate my words and thoughts and anything I could possibly write here is to express gratitude for Jesus's love for me personally.  St. Augustine wrote, "He loves each one of us as if there were only one."

I pray that everyone reading this will never become so hardened by what they experience or see others suffer in this life that they lose the main truth of their existence:

God loved you into existence, created you to know, love, and serve him, and to live in personal communion with him in this life, and more fully and eternally in the Kingdom of Heaven.

This is your reality and my reality.  Despite what suffering, or loss we see or see others experience in this life, that is the reality, that is the truth.  Do not let our Adversary, his minions, or our secular, apostatic culture steal or distract you from this wonderful life giving, consoling truth.

"Coming from God, going toward God, man lives a fully human life only if he freely lives by his bond with God."  
Catechism of the Catholic Church, 44

Jesus loves me!  Jesus loves you!

May the Holy Spirit stir up our gratitude this day.

Prayer of St. Paul of the Cross in Cardinal Spellman's Prayer Book

O JESUS!  Through Thy burning love for us, Thou didst will to be nailed to the Cross and to shed Thy Precious Blood for the redemption and salvation of our souls.  Look upon us, fully trusting in Thy mercy, here gathered together in the remembrance of Thy most powerful Passion and Death.

By Thy grace, purify us from sin; hallow our labor; give unto us all our daily bread; sweeten our sorrows; bless our families; grant unto nations so sorely afflicted, Thy peace, the only true peace, that we, being obedient to Thy commandments, may attain unto heavenly glory.  Amen

LORD!  I give Thee thanks that Thou didst die upon the Cross for my sins.


  1. yes sometimes healing does come with a whole lot of tears and heartaches that we need to release and let go so that the healing my began but its hard
    when you feel so depresses and hurt.
    thank you for these word today.

  2. Marina, Thank you for stopping by here today. I read your comment earlier this morning, and I have been thinking about you ever since. I don't know if you are Catholic or not, but I did ask Mary to pray with me for you, and I prayed a rosary for her intentions for you. She and the Holy Spirit are close, so I knew she would know exactly what to pray for you, whereas all I could tell from your comment is you have known heartache, tears and depression. Not sure if you are there now, or on your way back, or just looking back. I do pray you'll know Christ's Love, Peace, and Healing.