Friday, July 29, 2011

Ignite Chicago

I am going to Christian Music Festival in Zion, IL today and tomorrow.  It will be great but right now I am not feeling great.  I am already missing my two youngest children that my husband took off to the Grandparents since he thinks they are too young to be at a music festival for 10 hours a day for two days.

He is probably right.  I just miss them.

I am currently listening to Matthew West's "Strong Enough".  It is a really awesome song.  I think you'll enjoy it.  He is playing tomorrow.  At one point, I think the official music term is the bridge, he starts singing Phillipians 4:13 which was the heart of my first blog post back in May.

I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.
Philippians 4:13


  1. Colleen, I love this song too! I hadn't heard about the Christian Music Festival in Zion. I live near O'Hare Airport. Maybe I will see if I can get over there.

    Since you're in the Chicagoland area, did you get contacted by The Maximus Group to attend a pre-screening of The Mighty Macs movie? They have 3 showings in the Chicagoland area and I will be going to one of them but they asked if I knew of any other Catholic Bloggers in the area. If you haven't heard from them, are you interested?

  2. Hi, Noreen
    The music festival was great and also exhausting. I am going back for more tomorrow. I would love t attend a screening. I just did quick search on the movie. I grew up playing basketball for Catholic grade school in PA so would be happy to screen it!

  3. Is it ok if I give The Maximus Group your email so they can contact you? I saw that you have it listed in your profile but I didn't want to pass it on without your permission.

  4. Love Matt West and this song. That verse from Philippians is always a good reminder for me that on my own I can do nothing. Enjoy the rest of the music fest.

  5. Noreen, You may give them my email addr. Thank you for checking.
    Karinann, Saw him play this in person short time ago. He ended with this song and talked about what this verse has meant to him.
    Tenth Avenue North is on now. I am laying on tarp momentarily as my lower back is reminding me I am 43 and not 24. I'll sneak back into the crowd as soon as they play one of my favorites!

  6. Matthew West is amazing! Enjoy the festival!

  7. Anne, the festival was super fun. There were a bunch of folks down from Milwaukee too, as Zion is pretty close to there. As much as I loved it I am reminded that 10 bands in two days is not conducive to developing the virtue of temperance. Must be why I was pretty fatigued for three days after. My kids actually wanted to go back for Hard Christian Rock Sunday, but I was most certainly done.