Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pay It Forward - Preserving Your Heart In Peace

Pay It Forward
This week I wanted to highlight a reflection by Cathy Nolan on Our Lady's 7/25/2011 message at Medjugorje.  Our pastor is a Marian priest and he has a reflection from Cathy Nolan on the inside back page of every bulletin.

I am highlighting this particular reflection, because it hit home with me as I am not fighting an effective battle at maintaining a peaceful heart.  I have moments of peace, but I also have moments where the peace is gone as quick as a lightning strike, and I am yelling, usually trying to prevent one of my kid's feelings, or bodies from being hurt by a dear sibling or their own carelessness.

I am hopeful that Mary and the Holy Spirit can prevail where I have failed, and failed, and failed.

This reflection highlights the writings of Fr. Jacques Philippe, and I am going to read more from him within the next few months.

Here is one of my favorite quotes from the reflection, and I think it is from Fr. Jacques Philippe, 

"The greatest harm that upsetting ourselves does to us is that it makes us incapable of following the impulses of the Holy Spirit."

Here is the link to Cathy Nolan's reflection 
Silence and Rest.

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  1. I love the post you highlighted. I took notice to one particular section: "If our inner world is noisy and agitated, the gentle voice of the Holy Spirit will find it very difficult to be heard." That's exactly what was happening when I was walking the labyrinth. The noise of all my outside thoughts, things that were out of my control, were deafening.

    No more excessive noise!

  2. Thanks for posting this on "Pay It Forward!

  3. The quote makes sense. Very wise.