Saturday, February 18, 2012

Current Favorite 3 Religious Books

Karinann from Daughter of the King has tagged me for this simple meme.  Simple meme is about all I can handle right now.  Karinann mentioned as her third selection, Secret Diary of Elisabeth Lesur.  I need to read this book so much!  I started reading it from the back and I think her advice to her niece on how to be a calm woman scared me off, as it seemed so foreign to my personal experience.  Besides Karinann, this book has been recommended by many blogging women and I need to see this reoccurence for the Holy Spirit reading to-do hint that it is!

For this meme, I need to name three of my favorite religious books and then tag three others to do the same.

Like Patricia mentions at 
I Want to See God (and I DO!), most of us in this Catholic Blogging Community have many, many more than 3 favorite religious books.  So to aid me in this meme, I would say that if I was being shipped somewhere and could only take 3 books with me--e.g. God told me he willed for me to live for awhile as a hermit and could only take 3 books with me, well, these would be the three, at this point in my life:

The New Jerusalem Bible: Saints Devotional Edition [Book] 
The New Jerusalem Bible: Saints Devotional Edition with Introduction, Selections, and Commentary by Bert Ghezzi.

Simply beautiful translation enhanced with beautiful, soul stirring meditations on scripture in the Old and New Testament by the Saints.  There is also beautiful 20 lesson section on why the Saints stress the importance of Scripture.  All of my favorite Saints were included:  St. Therese, St. Teresa, St. Faustina, Blessed Angela of Foligno, St. Francis de Sales, St. Jean Chantal, St. Vincent de Paul, St. Bonaventure, St. Basil, St. Augustine, St. Catherine of Siena, St. Francis of Assisi, St. Gertrude the Great, St. Thomas Aquinas, and MORE!  All in one volume, the Word of God, and the meditations of the Saints under the influence of the Holy Spirit while writing their meditiations.  I love this and this is the one book if I only could bring one somewhere that I would bring.
Purchase The Better Part By Fr. John Bartunek, LC!
The Better Part: A Christ Centered Resource for Personal Prayer by Fr. John Bartunek, LC.

The first part explains the importance and method of meditative prayer.  The remainder is 4 meditations each on short passages from the Gospels.  All four Gospels are contained in their entirety.  I am just finishing the Presentation passage in Luke.  This book will be a source of amazement to you, as it is written under the anointing of the Holy Spirit by someone with the gifts of Understanding, Wisdom, and Counsel.  I have a tendency to scan and the meditations slow me down.  If I write what I highlight, I really gain, from the Holy Spirit, deeper and relevant to my life now, and the lives I am connected to, insights.  The prayers for 
beginning and closing the meditation prayer sessions are also quite beautiful.

Consoling the Heart of Jesus

Consoling the Heart of Jesus: A Do-It-Yourself Retreat written by Fr. Michael Gaitley is great synthesis of the spiritual lessons of St. Ignatius, St. Therese of the Child Jesus, St. Faustina (including topically organized selections from her Diary in an appendix), and St. Louis de Montefort.  There are beautiful meditations in the book and beautiful prayers and helps to living a deeper, more meaningful spiritual existence with the purpose of Consoling the Heart of Jesus.

I pass this on to:
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  1. Great list! I've read 2! And I have The Better Part on my iPhone to read the reflections everyday!

  2. Colleen, I love your bible! I have the New Jerusalem Bible as well, since the early 90's, but mine doesn't have the commentary by the Saints. I downloaded the Ignatius Press RSV into my kindle, but I am so used to the NJ translation that I must admit I keep going back to it. It will always be my favorite, as it's filled with my notes and stars and highlights, etc.

    Great books you chose! I have never heard of "The Better Part," but just the title delights me...I love that story in the gospels, of Jesus with Martha and Mary.

    I think I would change my "three" on a daily basis, if I could : )

    Hope you are doing well! You are often in my thoughts and prayers.


  3. Colleen, I love the New Jerusalem Bible, too..but I've been really wanting to read 'Consoling the Heart of Jesus'..Had my eye on it for a while so since it's on your list I'll take it as a confirmation!
    I love the name of it alone.
    Blessings and +

  4. These are great book picks, Colleen. I loved Consoling the Heart of Jesus! Thanks for tagging me to do this meme!

  5. Thanks, Colleen. I had considered ordering The Better Part, as I regularly read Fr. John's blog, Catholic Spiritual Direction. I think I shall indeed order it based on what you have written about it. I will try to find some time for the meme -- my travel schedule is really cramping my writing time (I have been in five states in the last three weeks, from Alaska to North Carolina -- and next week I have to go to another. It seems like "home" is just a point on a map these days.)

  6. Done! I'm such a bookworm that it was hard narrowing it down to three (but I managed). Thanks for the break from "country living"! It was time to get my mind off the septic tank ;)