Wednesday, February 22, 2012

In Case You Want to Be a Preacher

So sorry to those on Google Reader as I didn't think until after I was at Ash Wednesday Mass at noon that even if i remove a misthought post, it still stays out there in the syndication of Google Reader.

One of the quotes that I included in that post has thus been proven wrong.  The quote, "The devil has one tool, deception."  He has at least one other . . . . distraction.

One of the other quotes that is really a good one for beginning each day or even each part of the day, let alone beginning the season of Lent, "Attitudes are like diapers.  They both need changed frequently or they begin to stink."

I may re-post some of those quotes again, it will be after organizing them and deleting any that do nothing more than make me half-smile at the wittiness.  I was 8 minutes late for Mass because of that post.  Silly me.

Priest did hit on the need to "fast" from distractions during Lent.  That line was especially for me.

Last Ash Wednesday I was about to laugh in joy as I was following a friend, one I met through work, who was going up to get ashes for the first time in probably 18 years or so.  Trying not to laugh because you can't contain the happiness inside is not the right facial expression for getting the mark of penance on one's forehead.

This year she wasn't with me, but I still looked around the church filled with joy as I had good, good reason to believe there was another, or 2, or 10 there, also for the first time in a long time. Church was packed, I was sure there must have been at least one.  I saw a few possible candidates, but I didn't see anyone else like me from last year . . . someone whose face was in huge smile ready to burst into joyous laughter.

Guess the angels and saints don't have to worry about appearances or noise.  They probably dance, sing, and shout for joy when they saw the converts show up today.

Last year I took quick stare at Jesus on the crucifix to get a wee bit of composure so the priest could mark my forehead without distraction.  I imagine the Lord telling me now, "Yes, while meditating on my passion and crucifixion is good for your soul, as I told St. Faustina, it is also very good for you to rejoice that your God - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is still very much at work pulling other of his beloved children back into his embrace.  Including fallen away Catholics that don't remember how good and healing a good Confession is, and how good it is to receive their Lord in Holy Communion."
2/24/12 Add:

Immediately before telling the Parable of the Prodigal Son, Jesus says:

Just so, I tell you, there is joy before the angels of God over one sinner who repents.  Luke 15:10


  1. I always think of the Scripture verse about the angels rejoicing over one repentant sinner this time of year. When I see daily Mass with a few extra people during Lent I wonder if any of them are returning from a long time away. If even just one returns, it is indeed cause for rejoicing.
    Have a blessed Lent Colleen.

  2. I'd be smiling ear-to-ear too if a friend went to receive ashes after 18 years! No doubt Jesus was too!

  3. I agree with Mary....I think Jesus was smiling right along with you, and also with the most tender love toward you. See how like the angels you are...unable to contain your joy : )

    Love to you,