Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Transitive Property Not Applicable

"Women's Health and well-being" is not the same as subsidized and readily available morning after, and week after, and surgical forms of abortion.

Is there anyone applauding this misapplication of the math transitory property?  It is mildly offensive because of the illogical nature of the statement.

I hate seeing the horrific pictures of the aborted baby's mutilated bodies.  I have them in my mind now, so when that is called "women's health and well-being" i have a similar screaming yuck in my head and viscerally in my stomach.

How is making a decision easier and cheaper that cannot be unmade, and will have lasting emotional impact on the ones making it good for the woman's health or well-being?

If the baby being aborted, chemically or surgically is female, it certainly is disastrous for that female's health and well-being.

These statements deeply offend and anger me.  I guess I shouldn't be angered by them.  It is out of my control.  I just can't stomach that they are misusing language, using terms that everyone likes--"health", "well-being" to hide the immorality and evil that is actually occurring.

How do we get them to stop saying that b.s.?

Yes, prayer, and I do believe spending hours in adoration, and praying a rosary, seeking Mary's intercession for an end to this evil in our country, and a changing of the minds and hearts to recognize the evil.

Also there is voting.  I do not get not voting.  Voting does work.  Who likes the Obama Administration the most?  There is an argument for anyone in the abortion industry in this country and around the world, where our dollars are used to provide women's services inclusive of abortion.  Oh, and the population control people, too.  They are very concerned we will not have good air to breath if people continue to reproduce at the same pace.

We do need to ensure we get this administration out no later than inauguration day in January, 2013.  I am all for sooner, non-violently of course, but that is unlikely as anyone this skilled at "messaging" will likely avoid impeachment.

Thank you to all those that march, and pray outside of the abortion centers, and counsel, and pray, and pray . . . .  God's will be done, and may the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary triumph!

In case you haven't seen this:  The abortion provider uses a vast media and political network to maintain its subsidies from government and private charities.


  1. Colleen, thank you for a wonderfully courageous post! I am so with you on this!!!

    The PC rhetoric makes me want to scream. What are they talking about! Birth control does not treat a disease. Sterilization destroys healthy organs...does not heal them. This is crazy.

    And why in the world do we have to pay for all women to have free, no co-pay even, contraception, etc. That should be a personal matter left up to them and they should provide for it themselves. It's not healthcare.

    I totally agree with you about voting. We need to get these people out of office before they wreak more moral decay upon our culture.

    I got a peek into hell the other day when I read an article online about the resignation of the VP at Susan G. Komen. The hatred directed at her (for trying to defund PP) was appalling. The comments were viscious, crude, filthy, name it. And oh, they ARE going to vote. One of them mentioned that "all roads lead to the Supreme Court, and the next president will likely get to appoint three justices...." and went on to scream about getting the vote out.

    Sorry to rant, Colleen! I really meant to cheer you for posting the truth. Bless you!


    1. Thank you, Patricia. I am appreciating the Bishops speaking out, and the clarity of the believers and pro-lifers, and the fact that there are others like you that are with me in strong, strong dislike to the point of screaming at these lies. I was listening to Mark Levine today, he thought this was grounds for impeachment. I so wish that were true. Seems like 11 months is too long to wait for an administration change. He had a Catholic on his show today that said that Sebillius is excommunicated, and Pelosi is deep in her heretical views. I've also started reading Francis Cardinal George's book GOD IN ACTION. I am still in the opening chapters which are premise building but he has some keen insights on what happens when people wanting to force secular values on the believers get in power. It is a key time here in America . . . we all need to stand up and speak up, i think! I love you too, Patrica. God Bless You!