Saturday, July 28, 2012

Hugging God

I got to hug God last night. Yes, I was dreaming, still it was wonderful. I was talking to God in my dream. I asked him could I please hug him. He said yes. I remember hugging an invisible being, while being somewhere between the clouds and the ground. I was up in the air, hugging God. He was spirit, but I was hugging something substantial. I was allowed to hold on and maintain the embrace for as long as I wanted. Which is nice, because usually when I get to the most anticipated part in a dream, skiing downhill, or playing college basketball, or even taking a bite of something delicious, I usually wake up, or something else prevents the experience. Not in this dream. I got to hug God and feel hugged back for a little while. I like that I have this memory now, even if it was a dream.


  1. Colleen, I just believe with all my heart He knows how much we love Him and long to see Him and gave you a hug from heaven. So beautiful.. One day it won't be a dream Blessings +

  2. What a wonderful gift! My heart has been deeply touched reading of it. And Caroline's comment that 'one day it won't be a dream' has grabbed my heart as well.

  3. Thank you Caroline and Nancy. It was a wonderful gift! There are times I have been praying where I really wanted and needed a hug from God, Jesus, Mary, and then in very short amount of time someone would unexpectedly show up and hug me. Sometimes the person hugging me was also unexpected. I am in a pretty affectionate parish though. One such hug was from a Ukrainian woman that I didn't really know, speaks very little English, and she just gives me this very big hug and tells me I have a wonderful family. It was out of nowhere, except I had just prayed what most would think a very strange prayer, that Jesus or Mary would just give me a hug, while in church praying through some disappointment and sadness.

    I think God hugs me through my children and husband too, but it was just so peaceful and loving to experience this in a dream.

    This early morning I had an awful dream. It was kind of like some evil spirit got the assignment to teach me a lesson for witnessing to this blessed dream by sneaking behind my Guardian Angel's back and sticking a truly awful set of images in my head. But the Guardian Angel took care of that by waking me up so that dream was over quickly.

  4. Colleen, how awesome! Thank you for sharing your beautiful dream! I think I'll pray to have a dream like that : ) I love the part that you could hug as long as you like God. It may have been a dream, but God can speak to us and be with us even in our dreams.
    I know what you mean about the "bad guys" showing up and trying to take away your joy. Doesn't that just make the loveliness of what happened to you all the more believable?

    I'll be in touch soon. Got back late Saturday night and have been so exhausted...and trying to catch up on much around here. Thank you so much for your prayers and well-wishes for the wedding. So much appreciated! All went well, and I have a new daughter now :)

    Love to you, dear Colleen!

  5. A beautiful dream Colleen! I would love to experience a similar dream and feel that connectedness to God. You certainly were given a rare gift!

  6. Patricia, I am happy you are resting and enjooying the fact that you have a new daughter. I missed you while you were away and it was just a few dyas. I've been working a ton of hours this week, not getting home until after 4 a.m. the past two nights, so I can't write all tha I might write now. We do have a generous God. You, Noreen, Caroline, Nancy Mary, Anne, Karinann, Colleen, George are all "hugs from heaven" too!

    Thank you for stopping by Noreen! I thought of you the other day when I was driving to my Chiropractorin Park Ridge and I passed the "women's center" in Des Plaines and there were four women in lawn chairs praying the rosary out front! I looked to my right and I could tell the other driver next to me was touched by their witness as well. God Bless you!

  7. Hi Colleen, I haven't been there much at all this summer. It's been difficult and I do miss it. I should be there now but I am home with a double eye infection that started last week, and has taken 3 doctor appointments and several medication changes to work!