Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sabbath Moments - Bike Ride

Joining Colleen at Thoughts on Grace in her Sabbath moments.  She explains:  Sabbath moments are a way of taking time to rest in God, to enjoy God in silence or in nature. The word sabbath comes from a Hebrew word meaning "cease." And that is what we need to do sometimes, cease our activity and live in the moment and breathe in God.

1. I noticed my appetite has improved lately, and subsequently noticed that I had gained a few pounds.  I am normally quite active as I use running or bike riding to let off steam more than to maintain my weight.  While bike riding I realized that besides the 100° heat maybe the reason I haven't been exercising is because my relationship with my husband has been happier lately.  Sadly what began more peaceful period between us was his getting injured a few weeks ago.  He broke his scapular and tore a muscle in his rotator cuff.  God works in mysterious ways!  He has been very sweet and appreciative and I have had no difficulty letting go of any resentment and instead helping and treating him with sincere empathy.  Who knew:  weight gain comes from lower stress and marital happiness!
2. I probably left 60 minutes later than I should have for the bike ride, so it was already a touch on the hot side.  I remembered reading in He and I that Jesus said that if she (Gabrielle Bossis) would offer more of her recreation to him then he would send her less suffering, as he does this to bring them back together.  So I offered Jesus my bike ride.  I asked the Holy Spirit to bless the shuffle mix on my iPod Nano so that the music would stir up my tenderness and love for my God, and that I would know God more and find new ways to serve him.  I offered Jesus the happiness I felt seeing a blue heron by a pond I passed today.  Gabrielle would offer him the flowers she would see.  The middle part of the bike trail is a loop that has a rather prolonged gradual incline.  I was struggling with it the first time I took the loop.  The second time I went around I asked Jesus that if it would please him, he could help me with this bike ride.  Next thing I know I have a bit of a second wind.  Then the next, next thing I know I feel a breeze, and this breeze isn't hot and steamy, as it had been earlier in the ride.  It is actually a breeze that feels about 15-20°cooler than the air temperature.  It was at that point I remembered to pray for my friend and her buddy that were doing their first 5K, maybe ever in their lives, but certainly since they had their small children.  I asked Jesus if it would please him, would he please help them with their run today too.

3. After I got home, I was extremely red faced and wet.  I drank a little, ate a little but felt extremely drained.  That brought me to Sabbath Moment #3 - a nap in a quiet house.

Did you know that when you are riding a bike and a dragon fly runs into your head it feels like a small stone was thrown at you?


  1. Yes, I guess God does work in strange ways! I'm glad things have improved, Colleen.

    My sister prays while riding her bike too. She says it's very peaceful and her mind feels clear. Maybe she should ask Him for an "extra nudge" too :) I didn't know that about dragonflies.

    1. Hi Mary! It is peaceful riding, and lot less difficult than running has been late. Thank you for your recent posts. I have been reading Let Go. Such good teaching in there!

  2. Colleen, I'm so happy to hear that things are so much better! It's amazing how God can work through things like an injury etc., to help us to slow down and really focus on what's important. I really do hope your husband is feeling much better.

    Whew! That sounded like some bike ride. If you lived nearby, I'd beg you to be my personal trainer, but I think you would kill me. I could never keep up.

    That's lovely how Our Lord sent you a cool like HIM. I don't recall what you quoted from He and I, but I love it! Let me know where I can find it in the book.

    A pastor I had long ago kept a little sign in the sacristy which read: God respects me when I work, but He loves me when I play. I always liked that.

    Watch out for those dragonflies :)

    Love to you dear friend! xoxo Patricia

    1. I am pretty easy on my own training, so I am sure I would be easy on you too. I did get a bit more active once that scale woke me up to the effects of lower stress!

      It is like HIM to act on our confidence in his constant, presence and care for us. If it would please him to help me in this way, why not ask him? He likes me showing my faith, gratitude, and rejoicing in his presence, so why not ask?

      Love to you, Patricia!

  3. Colleen, your comment reminded me of a young juggler...probably in his 20's, whom I saw on EWTN several years ago. I don't recall who interviewed him, but he also performed and was great. Later, with much joy, he shared how he thinks of Jesus the whole time he is doing his act, and says to the Lord, "Here we go...oh, this is so much fun. Look at that...thank you Lord." He just made you smile. Yes, God loves us when we play, and cherishes being included in everything we do. I'll have to share my "pigeon" story one day :)